Jun 1, 2010

What A Difference Growing Up Makes

If you've been following this blog long enough you know that Bandit has never been super happy about toenail trimming.  I started out using kitty clippers when he was just a small puppy, graduating to regular dog clippers after while and which he absolutely abhorred.  To make things easier on him, for a longer while I used the "As Seen on TV" PediPaws filing system.  That went semi-okay until Bandit had a growth spurt and his nails became more adult-like and thicker.  PediPaws just doesn't do the job any longer, and the last few times I did use it it took forever to accomplish the task; plus, he always cringed and curled up on the floor when I turned it on and he knew what was in store for him.

For the last two months (maybe longer) I've gone completely back to regular dog nail trimmers.  Bandit and I have a routine now.  He doesn't quiver and shiver, and he doesn't shy away from the trimmers when I bring them out from the doggy box stored in our tiny kitchen pantry.  He readily jumps into the chair in the living room he shares with Simba and lies down in ready position.  I get all four paws done in less than 5 minutes!  As he only has a few toenails that are clear in color, I check those first to see how far back the nerve receded from the last trim.  That way I can get a better idea of how much I can trim away from all those black toenails of his.  I've been very careful and haven't cut any nerves, so that of course helps with his comfort level.

Today, he even let me get out a file and file away the rough sharp spots after trimming.  He even seemed to enjoy it and was staring into my eyes the entire time.

It's so nice to have gotten him to this point of taking it all in stride and not fearing the process.  For far too long it was a huge ordeal, and by the time the job was finished he'd always be panting away and all stressed out.  And I never felt too good myself about getting him all worked up.

Auntie Kathy's flight arrives at 11:58 p.m. tonight so Bandit's all spiffed up for meeting her for the first time.  Last night I gave him a tub bath, and K helped with towel drying him.  K even got out the hair dryer for a bit and Bandit didn't seem to mind too much.  He smells so good!  He smells like coconut and papaya!


Wyatt said...


Wow, you are the man! You are a good doggie to be calm for the nail trimming. We have to go to a professional, cause I act like a big stinka pants!
Coconut and papaya shampoo? We need some of that!

Priscilla said...

Wow! We're quite afraid of trimming Eva's nails so we take her to the vets and she doesn't seem to mind as she doesn't move at all.
We'd love to know how you get round to trimming Bandit's nails. He's such a good boy too!

Angela said...

aaahhh nail clipping, we have one dog (big Buzz) that has never had his nails trimmed! the others get done once every two months...it's a lot of nails!
Well done you and Bandit....

Pat said...

Hey Bandit...will you please tell Lucy there's nothing to be afraid of and how to sit calmly while her Mom clips her nails? It takes a week to give her a manicure...several nails each day.

Thank you,
Lucy's Mom

RYKER said...

We have also switched to the manual method. I did make the mistake of causing pain once so i am paying the ultimate price of fear :(
Luckily we have all clear nails and I am working diligently now to restore Ryker's faith in me.

RYKER said...

It is very neat to see them mature. Ryker is following commands and I can take him most anywhere now with out him going nuts and jumping up on people. He sits when I ask him to and his recall is very good. My little puppy has grown up. Ahhh, Bitter sweet.

K9friend said...

Bandit's a big boy now! And doesn't that make life so much easier?


Mama Dash said...

good job! dash has always been pretty good about his nails. wish that applied to some other things though. our babies really are growing up!