May 26, 2010

Bandit's Nickname

My sister lives in Georgia and is coming to town next week for my graduation.  She's excited to meet Bandit, and we're excited for her to meet him.  She asked us a couple of months after we got Bandit if we had any nicknames for him.  At that time we didn't, with the reason being we were still getting him used to his true name.  However, he has had a nickname for quite a while now.  Don't ask me where it came from or why it became his nickname.  There's no rhyme or reason to it.  We're not even sure who in the family started it.

We call him Toot.  Kathy, you've been warned.

We mostly call him Toot, but other variations are often used:  Tootie-Toot, Tootie, and Toot-Toot.  We often joke that Bandit doesn't want to be called by his nickname in public.

Does anyone else out there in blogger land have silly, weird, funny, or sickeningly sweet nicknames for their pets?  It's time to share. ☺


Lauren said...

I call Simon "Bubs" and I don't know why. We sometimes call him Buddy - so much so he's actually started responding. Lizzie's nickname (besides troublemaker) is B. She will totally answer (if she's interested) to B or Lizzie - it's funny!

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

hahaha!! I can see why he would be embarrased!! :) No No , its so cute!!!

Ace has Ace Chan, Chan-Man, Bubba,
Don't ask where these came from haha I have NO clue!!
The funny part, he responds to ALL of them!! I think he loves his nicknames ;)

Bandit's Pack said...

No, it's okay to be honest. It really is an embarrassing nickname! ☺

Bubs is really cute. My sister calls her husband Bubba so she can't get too worked up over us calling our dog Toot!

Wyatt said...

OMD! You should hear all the names they call me! The ones I can repeat are....Sparky Mcfarkle and variations of that, Sparkle, Spark Plug and for some reason 'Stinka Pants', not cause I stink, but cause I act like a big stinker sometimes!

Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

Toot....that's too funny!

Bella is known as Stinka Bell, Bella Button or just Stink, Dodger is known as Dodge Ball (and many others I can't repeat here) and Izzie is Izz Bomb.

Yoda_the_Dog said...

I have lots of nicknames. I think I like Pumpkin or Pun'kin the best. Mom and dad also call me their sweet puppy (even though I will be 2 on Friday) and sweetie. There is one nickname I do not like, it's BAD DOG.

K9friend said...

Bogey the cat is frequently called the Bogster.

Indy is often slurred into "Inny" (so christened by a youngster who couldn't quite include the "D" in his name).


The Thundering Herd said...

Nicknames? Us? Never! We would never call Rusty the "Rooster". Or Cheoah = Cheesewhiz. Or . . . Ok, maybe we do.

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Morgers, and, are you ready? Mom calls Maisie "sweet pea" BOL - glad I didn't get that one.
your pal, Morgan

Priscilla said...

Toot is a very nice name. I like it! It sounds so sweet, don't you think so?

Bandit's Pack said...

What a great bunch of nicknames we all have. Toot's not so bad, Bandit just wishes it were a little more masculine - Bruiser or Buddy or Champ. You can't force a nickname - Toot just appeared!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
nice meeting u here.
Mummy and Daddy has lost track of the series of names they think up for us both.
Ginger gets converted into gin0gin,juno,jhumpa,jing-jing,joooo,jam-paam!!
Buddy is distorted beyond recognition to bood bood, budboy,booo,booboy,bud doll,baba!

but we know ALL our names, weird or funny or whatever.

Toot sounds pretty decent actually
hope we can be friends,
Ginger n Buddy

Mama Dash said...

man, dash must have pretty uninspired owners... we just call him dashy, dashy boy, or dashell. and sometimes little monster. nothing as adorable as toot!

RYKER said...

OK, Mom sometimes says Ryker-Diker-Doo, and I hear a lot of Stinker, You Stinker and You Little Stinker...Not sure what to make of that
Go Toot your horn Bandit!

An English Shepherd said...

The boss sometimes call me Wizzy-Woo :-(

Wizz :-)

Anonymous said...

Sarah calls her white germany shephard Boogie although the real name is Montag.