Oct 2, 2010

♥♥♥Farewell, Friends♥♥♥

After much thought and consideration, I have decided that Bandit’s blog has come to its final end. I didn’t make this decision lightly, and I’m a little sad that I’ll no longer be sharing Bandit’s escapades and adventures with my blogging friends and family. Keeping up a blog takes a lot of work and dedication. I just don’t have the time to keep the blog going as I would like. When I started Bandit’s blog I envisioned that it would have been something I would do for a year as a way to chronicle his puppyhood and up until his first birthday. Once the first birthday came and went, I kept going because I loved the creative outlet for sharing my photos and writings, and having somewhere to keep track of Bandit’s milestones and important events.

Little did I realize that I would actually acquire followers, some of the most kind and caring people I have ever gotten to know. Thank you for finding something special enough in Bandit and his blog that you wanted to continue reading and made the decision to be a follower. I would like to thank you all for the wonderful heartfelt comments, funny comments, bits of advice, bits of wisdom, and the sharing of yourselves and your pets and hobbies. Through your own shared stories and pictures, I have felt a real shared connection with many of you. I have felt great sadness when some of you have shared difficult times such as when a beloved pet has unexpectedly died, or you’ve had to make a difficult decision to put a pet down for declining health. Blogging really is a wonderful way to connect with people all over the world, and I think it’s exciting that Bandit’s blog has attracted followers and friends from Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Wales, and even India!

I do have something exciting to share. I found a cool website (http://everything2print.com/serve/e2p/) that will turn Bandit’s entire blog into a hard-cover book! I’m so excited!! It’s a little bit pricey for the final copy but so worth it. They will include every bit of text, every picture, and all comments. It’s going to be such a nice keepsake. Not only will it be a hard-copy chronicle of Bandit’s growing up years, but we’ll be able to look back and remember our blogging friends and followers who posted comments! Because the book won’t be able to remember all the different blog headers I’ve made, I’m going to post those here so they can all be included in the book.

Bandit’s blog will continue to stay on-line. I want to continue to have the blog available so I can easily check in with those whose blogs I’ve been following. I’d never done blogging before Bandit’s blog, and it certainly turned into a very rewarding experience in so many ways. Thank you, everyone! I’ll miss you!! ♥♥♥ And Bandit gives everyone a big wet kiss!!♥♥♥

If you’d like to be a recipient of our annual holiday Smilebox card, be sure to send Bandit an email and let us know your email address so you can be added!


Noah said...

Bandit we will miss you so much! We have enjoyed getting to know you and your family. We wish you all the best and will continue to think of you. God's blessings my friend.


Priscilla said...

Dear Bandit and mom,

How I wish I could get you both to stay! We were just thinking about you yesterday, wondering where you've been! I'm so sorry I won't be able to read anymore of Bandit's wonderful adventures :( I hope that all will be well with you and please do blog once in a while just to update us on how he is growing. We sure are going to miss him!!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It's been nice getting to read about your fun times -

Here's to lots of khanine fun in the days ahead -

We'll miss you but understand -


road-dog-tales said...

We will miss Bandit's adventures for sure, but we totally understand the dilemma! Blogland is such a wonderful community and so fun, it's to spend tons of time here :) The book idea is spectacular! Thanks for sharing that!
Happy Herding!
The Road Dogs

Emma Rose said...

We will miss you too. It seems like we have all grown up together. If you decide to post once in a while we will still be around :)

Best wishes to all of you!

Emma Rose and the Duchess

Wyatt said...

Gosh, we are going to miss you Bandit :(
Thanks for sharing all your pictures, stories, recipes and CHARM!

Wyatt and Stanzie

George the Lad said...

I was just thinking of you yesterday how funny is that, you started blogging for just the same reasons that I blog, and yes I can see where you are coming from, I'm starting to slow up, Its just not possable to keep up with all the followers, If you have time and have not seen my post on Boggers disease its on my side bar this I think somes blogging up
If you are not enjoying it you are doing what's right for you.
It has been a joy to see Bandit growing up plus you photos are lovely.
Thanks for putting this post up at least we know why you have stopped blogging, better than you just disappearing!
Thanks for the link I'll take a look, I did start printing off George's blogg but its take up so much time.
You know where we all are, go have fun in the reel world
See Yea Jan and George xxx

Angela said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us all, really enjoyed the moments you have shared....thank you from us all here at "the Pit" xx

Charlie said...

Bandit we will miss you! Our fellow tri-color mini!!! Hope you continue to have TONS of fun adventures! Oh and I'm bookmarking that blog book page!

We'll miss you!

RYKER said...

Hey Little Brother,
Stay in touch. I have missed hearing from you and know your mom is busy with her new job. I hope she is loving it. I will really miss you. It is tough living so far away from all my litter mates. I wish you well, don't tell the others but you are my favorite brother! You are so darn cute.
Tell you mom to keep posting pictures on our Litter Mate Yahoo Group so I can watch you grow old with me!

Kerry said...

Bandit, you were our very first blog buddy! I'm hoping that one of these days we will meet up at a herding event, or some other fun get together... even though Kirby is just a cousin!

I totally understand how hard it is to maintain a blog, especially when coping with a big life change- such as a new job!

We'll miss you!! :)
-Kerry & Kirby

Piappies World said...

Hi there Bandit!

We just chanced upon your blog from Priscilla's Princess Eva.

We are sad to hear that you won't be updating this anymore but we hope it's alright with you that we read through your previous posts and know more about Bandit from here.

We do understand and respect your decision though we will follow your blog so if and when you feel like updating, we would see you guys again.


Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Good grief! I must be a "case" because I feel so sad I won't be seeing Bandit grow up. I have absolutely loved your posts, Bandit that gorgeous dog, and this charming blog! Thank you for sharing and best to you and yours! It's wonderful that you will have your book to treasure!
Big barks to the "kid" from Bonnie Lass, Betsy Belle and me, Coralie!

P.S. Don't be a stranger...come and visit when you can!

Southbaygirl said...

I am so sorry to hear you wont be continuing with bandit's blog. I understand not having the time!!

You will be missed!!


Velcro and mom Penny

Reena said...

Sad to see there won't be any more Bandit updates, but totally understand! Glad you found ME online and introduced me 'blog' reading (had never done that before)

Best of luck

Reena, Boomer and Bluebelle

The Thundering Herd said...

We have enjoyed reading about Bandit and the stories, but certainly understand the decision. When blogging becomes work and stops being fun - it is time to do something else.

Raising Addie said...


Thank you very much for sharing Bandit with us.

We will miss you.

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Shopgirl said...

Is it okay that i am sad..but I do understand. blogging does take time and if you are working and have a busy life, it is hard to keep up with just the little things. I will miss you and Bandit!
You are a wonderful master to him.
Big Hugs, Mary & LB

Anonymous said...

We will certainly miss you alot. I am sorry I have not been a better follower to you guys, but I must say that every time I visited your blog I was impressed by the design, photos, and the text that made each post super special.
I am sure that Bandit will continue to have another blessed year of life and I know that You will make each day super special for him, whether you tell us about it or not! :)

Love, Wags, Sloppy Kisses and Paw Hugs,
Simba and His Mom, Paige

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Skylar Nova said...

I'm sad that I missed your blog when it was active! Nonetheless I have enjoyed my visit, even a few years after you left. Thanks so much! I hope Bandit is doing well :-)

Anonymous said...

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