Jun 3, 2010

Auntie Kathy's Big Helper

Bandit helped my sister out with our Scrabble game today.

He should have helped his Mama out as the scorecard was Auntie Kathy 277, Mama 246.  We'll play at least a couple more games while she's here, so hopefully Bandit will help me out the next time.


Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Haha that is so cute!!
Ace would probably try to eat the scrabble pieces right off the board and run away with them to his lair!! haha

The Thundering Herd said...

We are laughing at some of your words - you got both vomit and puke in there!

Wyatt said...


I don't see any doggie words....puke, was that what you came up with! Hee Hee


Emma Rose said...

How nice of you to help! We thought the words were fun to read too :)

Emma Rose

Priscilla said...

How cute!! I think Bandit has taken a real fancy to Auntie Kathy, helping her win!!

RYKER said...

Yup, Auntie Kathy must rock!

Shopgirl said...

I knew that bandit was smart, but scrabble is hard for me...Okay, I can't spell!
I love that he lets you clip his nails...Our pets will not let us do it...we take them to the vet. I made the mistake of not starting them early...
It is warm and sunny today, nice!!!
Hugs, Mary and the gang!

JP - The Mistress of Corgi Manor said...

A degree, a new camera, and Bandit as the perfect photo subject - somebody must be living right!
Saturday pet blog hop is the best way to meet other great dogs and the lucky people who get to live with them! BOL!

Julie, Parker and Bennie from
Bark Of Love blogspot

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Scrabble...I love it! What adorable pictures you have and a new camera to play with! So sorry to hear about your sister-in-law's accident...awful. I sure hope she is doing better!

However, congratulations on your new DEGREE!!! That is just FANTASTIC!!!