Apr 15, 2010

Safer Car Rides for Bandit

Whenever I'm driving and Bandit's in the backseat I feel nervous that he's not as safe as he could be since he's not restrained in any way - one hard brake and he could go flying.  I found a relatively inexpensive seatbelt system for dogs at Amazon.com, and I ordered one for my car and one for K's car.  When K got home from work today he installed both.  It was very easy to do!

It took several adjustments before K got the harness fit just right.  Bandit was very cooperative!
Once the harness was fitted correctly to Bandit and K attached the other main piece to the human belt system, the two-piece-system installation was complete


Mini Aussie Ace! said...

O my! bandit looks so gorgeous in those pics! What a handsome guy!
I just hold Ace on my lap for now, there is no way he would sit still right now for a harness....lol
luckily we don't take many car rides lol
I would love to get something like that for him though once he gets bigger! Great Idea!
Safety First! =)

Emma Rose said...

We have those on "our list" to get as soon as we can afford them. We'll have to buy 3.
The pictures of Bandit are really nice. He is a handsome young man!

Emma Rose

Priscilla said...

That's great! Car seatbelts for dogs are awesome! What a lucky boy, now you can all feel safe with him in the car :D

RYKER said...

Hey Bandit, I have one of those also.
I'm not all that crazy about it, but oh well. Mom seems pleased with it.
You do look mighty handsome in it I must say!
Do you still want us to send snow your way?? We got plenty =)

Shopgirl said...

Now he will be a safe little guy...
I have heard some awful things about these rawhide chews over the years. Mattie has a thing about not chewing before swallowing...she has enough things wrong without adding anything else.
Happy driving, Mary

K9friend said...

That's a great idea. I generally put Indy in his crate, but I'm sure he'd enjoy a much better view this way!

After all, we don't want our furry kids to end up as hood ornaments!

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Hey! I wanted to let you know that I was reading through your blog (your old posts) from when bandit was a baby like Ace is now and it is amazing how similar they seem!!
Ace is doing the crazy barking thing now and I am going crazy trying to calm him! I tried the can/penny shaker today & it worked!!! Alleluhiah! haha I have been sooo worried about puppy class on friday because he always wants to bark at other dogs (to play) and I couldn't beleive how bandit did that too!!
I am hoping to work on the barking hard core until puppy class and hopefully he will not bark himself hoarse!
I also saw how you had to carry Bandit to his crate because he doesn't like to go in, and I always have to pick Ace up and put him in! We were laughing last week about how I won't want to be carrying him around at 30 pounds!
Just wanted to let you know and I am so grateful to all of your older posts! It has helped me a lot in understanding Ace's behavior!!

Mini Aussie Ace! said...
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Bandit's Pack said...

I'm glad to hear it! The shaker of coins definitely helped a lot. Now if I could find out something for jumping. That's been our biggest struggle, getting him to curb his jumping. And he jumps incredibly high!