Apr 14, 2010

No More Rawhide Chews for Bandit

The rawhide chews from Costco that we have around the house for Bandit have all been picked up and thrown away.  K and I were discussing several things last night right before American Idol started.  One was the fact that our neighbor, Bev, encouraged us to not let Bandit have rawhide chews.  She has been told by her vet about intestinal blockages and obstructions that he's operated on all due to the ingestion of rawhides.  He's also seen and repaired gastrointestinal tract lacerations caused from sharp edges.  Shortly after talking to Bev I got on the Internet and Googled several eye-opening stories relayed by dog owners about traumatic chokings, intestinal problems, and numerous deaths all related to the innocent chewing and ingestion of rawhide chews.  Yikes!!

Bandit sat with us during American Idol (we're all rooting for Crystal Bowersox!!) and we let him chew on rawhide for the last time.  When the show was over I went upstairs and disposed of any chewies lying around, and K disposed of the downstairs ones.  It just seems too risky.


Mini Aussie Ace! said...

Hey! O my gosh! Ace Chan chews on Pig ears!! Is that what you mean by the raw hide chews? We give him pig ears and these swirly *flossies* they call them. They get really soft and mushy when he gnaws on them.
Do you have the websites of the stories you read??? I would love to read them!
We havn't had any issues yet with them, but I like to always be careful!

An English Shepherd said...

Oh dear those chews sound nasty !

Wizz :-)

Bandit's Pack said...

In your Google search engine type - rawhide chews bad for dogs - that should bring up quite a few things to look at.

K9friend said...

Most chewables require supervision, but I have also heard of problems with rawhide. You're right, it's not worth the risk.

Priscilla said...

I've heard of the problems rawhides can cause, that's why our dogs don't eat them. Poor Bandit, but he should stop chewing them.

Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

My dogs chew rawhides all the time and I have never had a single problem.

Emma Rose said...

We have heard the same thing so there are no rawhides here. However, we understand that they are okay if only chewed under supervision and then removed if they get small enough to swallow. We don't want to risk it either, but we know people that use them and have never had problems. We think you are smart to just avoid them!

Emma Rose and the Duchess

Raising Addie said...

Rawhides... a very good topic!

I am very careful about the rawhides that I choose and have gotten to the point where I only give our pups rawhides that I purchase from our vet. I don't trust ones that are made overseas at all. I recently read something that nylabones were bad too.

It gets to a point where I am left to wonder, what can they chew on that will not hurt them. Sticks are bad because of the splinters, real bones are bad for the same reason.

What do you use now for Bandit to fulfill his chewing needs?

Great topic!

Chasing my tale...
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Lauren said...

We haven't had any rawhide issues, but only give them with supervision. You might try bully sticks - our dogs love them, they're hard enough that they provide some chewing time even for our aggressive chewer and aren't as problematic as rawhides!
I also find that the stuffed kongs or the canine genius toys are good, safer alternatives to chews and I can control exactly what goes in them. I'll freeze peanut butter or cheese in a kong and it lasts them a good long while!

Reena said...

I rarely let the dogs have a rawhide as I have heard about all of those stories. Better to be safe then sorry!