Feb 2, 2010

Supplementing His Nutrition

K and the boys dislike taking regular vitamins and it had always been a struggle to get them to take them on a regular basis.  However, once I discovered the gummy vitamins for adults they sell at Costco, they now love taking their vitamins.  Part of my nighttime routine is laying out lunch money for M and six gummy vitamins for K, T, and M (two gummies each) on the kitchen counter. I take the Trader Joe brand for women which are easy on the stomach.  Last evening, T ate his vitamins right away.  I was down the hall in the bedroom putting some things away when I heard the distinct sound of doggy toe shuffling and rustling going about on the kitchen counter.  I hustled down the hallway and peeked into the kitchen where I saw Bandit with a guilty look on his face and only three gummy vites on the counter.  Caught and guilty!  Simba obviously watched the whole thing transpire because he was sitting on top the kitchen stool waiting for kitty treats ("Bandit got a special treat, now it's my turn").  The dispensing of treats is always a two-fold process in this household:  Bandit and then Simba or Simba and then Bandit.  Whoever is second in the receiving line always has a sad face and pleading eyes.  Simba's are dispensed on top of the stool so as to keep Bandit from gobbling them down.

I'd be more concerned if Bandit ate the lunch money.

Note to self:  Push gummy vites back further on the counter and out of reach of doggie paws and doggie head stretch.


K9friend said...

Those must be some mighty tasty vitamins!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you could give people vitamins to dogs?! How interesting.

Shopgirl said...

Bandit and LB would be partners in crime for sure. LB loves to find something on the edge of the table.
He knows that this is where the good stuff is. I didn't realize you could give dogs people vitamins...I learned something!
So Healthy...Mary

Bandit's Pack said...

We don't give Bandit people vitamins. He was taking my sons' and husband's vitamins off the kitchen counter. Bandit doesn't take any vitamins on a regular basis himself. It sounds like I confused a few people with my post.