Feb 7, 2010

Ten Months Old Today

Bandit's exactly ten months old today.  He had some birthday fun as we met a new Aussie and owner on our walk.  We ran into a woman named Bev with a red merle standard Aussie named Pimba.  Pimba is 11 years old so isn't too much into playing with rambunctious puppies.  Bev and Pimba joined us on the rest of our walk, and when we got closer to our home we ran into Haole (now a seven-month-old mini Aussie around the corner from us) and her mom, Pris.  We invited everyone to come into our backyard so the dogs could have some playtime.  Pimba watched while Haole and Bandit played.  Haole hasn't had a lot of exposure to other dogs so she was a little bit timid,and it's been a while since she and Bandit have gotten together.  Both Bandit and Haole got pretty muddy as the back yard is just a mess of wet grass, mud, leaves, and landmines (poop) everywhere.  We're waiting for a nice dry day so we can get the poop cleaned up.  Bandit really enjoyed this playtime after a nice long walk and is now napping contentedly at my feet as I type.

New friend, Pimba
Tussling with Haole
Pimba's mom, Bev, is a dog groomer who lives close by
Resting on the stairs after a busy morning.  It's good to be 10 months!
Looking so grown up!


An English Shepherd said...

Lovely pics :-)


Anonymous said...

Happy 10mth birthday!!

RYKER said...

Happy 10 months Bro! We rock!

Priscilla said...

Happy 10months old Bandit!

K9friend said...

Happy Ten Month Day to Bandit. He's getting more handsome every day!

Emma Rose said...

Happy 10 monther Bandit! You are soooooo cute :)

Emma Rose