Jan 29, 2010

Super Busy, an Understatement

I have been incredibly busy with work and school, and for my one class I've been commuting into downtown Seattle as part of a "clinical practicum", doing nine days of work at Virginia Mason Medical Center.  Every Thursday and Friday I will go there (starting last Thursday) until February 18.  Then, I will do three days at a medical insurance outfit fairly close by, and another three days at a LTC (long-term care facility) fairly close by.  I have to do 15 days total to get complete credit.  When I'm completely done in June I will have a two-year associate degree and can sit for exams to become an RHIT (registered health information technician).  My goal right now is to become a cancer/tumor registrar, but I'm open to other things I may not be aware of.  I will also be earning a certificate in coding and can also sit for different exams to become a credentialed medical coder.

I apologize for not updating the blog, or swinging by the blogs of those that I read regularly.  Please bear with me until things settle down.  I also have major homework in my other two classes.  I will try to update as I can and keep in touch with reading other blogs.

BTW:  Bandit goes ballistic when I get home after being gone.  My clinic visits are from 8 a.m. to 2:30, so with travel to and fro I'm pretty much gone from 7:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.  I hate the commute.  Driving 60 mph is out of my comfort zone.


An English Shepherd said...

Yes I think you are busy !

Wizz :-)

K9friend said...

Believe me, I understand busy! Don't stress, just blog when you can.

Emma Rose said...

We will be here when you come back! The Duchesses daughter lives outside of Seattle and works in the city. WAY too much traffic for our tastes (being country bumpkins and all, you know) :)

Emma Rose

Angela said...

as Emma says, we will still be here when you come back, enjoy the journey!