Dec 2, 2009

Bandit is Wiped Out, In A Good Way

Bandit loves to be busy and active. Yesterday, it was late afternoon/early evening and Bandit obviously was asking to go for a walk. That was the very first time we figured he was asking. He came to both K and I, put his paws on our arms, pleaded with us (barking), and looked longingly into our eyes. He went back and forth to each of us twice. I still had lots of work to do but took him out since he was so adamant and I could finish my work when we got back. He thrives on being out and about. He carries himself proudly and loves to meet others out for their walks. We decided to call Bow Wow Fun Towne (which I will start shortening to BWFT, by the way) to see if he could be a drop-in on Wednesday (today).

I dropped him off at 10 a.m. this morning and picked him up again at 3 p.m. When they brought him out to me, they told me that he would probably be tired this evening. They were certainly right. Bandit's been very tired since he got home. I wouldn't call Bandit a hyper dog by any means, but his activity level is much less than normal this evening.

I just wish we could watch him on the BWFT webcam. Aunt Kathy has tried from across the country and she can't get it to work either. On Thanksgiving evening we tried from Aunt Chris's house, and it didn't work from there either. I think the problem might possibly be on BWFT's end.

I was kind of surprised to hear the one woman who works at BWFT tell Bandit, "Your Grandma says hi." Apparently Grandma and her friend, Amy, dropped in for a tour quite recently. Maybe Molly is going to get signed up? That would be great fun if Bandit and Molly could get together there for a play date! I'm sure Molly would love BWFT!

"I'm so tired"


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