Dec 3, 2009

Bandit is Afraid of Mary and Joseph

Yes, that Mary and Joseph. As it's holiday season and we had wonderful weather last weekend, plenty of neighbors and surrounding areas have their Christmas light displays up and decorations in their yards. Night before last as Bandit and I walked past one home, Bandit began to whimper and give a low growl. I looked over to see a plastic lit-up display of Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. Again, this morning, in broad morning light, we walked past the same home, and again Bandit whimpered and growled. He obviously thinks Mary and Joseph are bad guys. Baby Jesus is no threat as he can barely be seen in his manger. Bandit rarely growls or acts afraid of anything, so I wonder what it is about these two that gets him upset.

He actually did the very same thing during Halloween. At another completely different house they had a scarecrow wearing a black cloak and the face was a skeleton face wearing a black top hat. The first couple of times we walked by that it elicited the same whimper/growl response from Bandit. That scarecrow did look sketchy and menacing, but Mary and Joseph ...

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