Oct 2, 2009

Makana Puppy Reunion Last Sunday

Last Sunday we went to a picnic for the puppies from Bandit's litter, and the puppies' families. Bandit's brother Brady and his family who live in Beaux Arts Village hosted the picnic at their waterfront community park. It was a lovely sunny day and the puppies had ample time to run and play. It was Bandit's first time to be "off leash." This was a perfectly safe area to be off leash as the park is down the end of a private drive and there were no roads for the puppies to run into. The puppies were all having so much fun, nobody was going anywhere else anyway. Jamie and Dean came up from Vancouver, WA and were there with Zuma and Rufio. Also there was Chelsie's family from Allyn, WA, and of course Brady's family. In addition, Brady's family had a neighbor friend who brought her Australian Shepherd, Colby, and there was another Aussie who is somehow related to Bandit's mom, Gracie, but I can't remember the connection (half sisters?).

Brady's dad barbecued hamburgers for everyone, Colby's mom brought some agility equipment from her 4-H class, Zuma went swimming (unexpectedly, and for the first time!), and Bandit played his heart out and was wiped out by the time we left.

Jamie brought all the puppies bandanas to wear, and Brady handed out party favors (rawhide treats adorned with ribbons). It was a really fun get-together!

Bandit's siblings who couldn't make it live in Salt Lake City, UT (Chester Cheeto), British Columbia up in Canada (Boomer), Anchorage, AK (Ryker), and Piper in San Diego, CA.

Catching up with Brady and Chelsie

Wrestling with my bro, Brady

Don't I look cool in my new bandana

Kisses and love from my breeder, Jamie♥

I so remember Jamie♥

Hanging with Chelsie

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Tibby said...

Hi Bandit!
You are awfully cute! It looks like you had a great time! Stop by my bloggy sometime! I hope we can become friends!
:) Tibby