Sep 27, 2009

Light the Night Walk for Leukemia & Lymphoma

Last night was our benefit walk around Green Lake Park in Seattle. Our team grew by three! Aunt Connie, Uncle Ray, and E were there, too! After signing in we were all able to hit some tables set up by walk sponsors and we got some light sticks and flashing light buttons to wear. Also, Uncle Ray's family picked up some red balloons to carry; even the balloons had little lights inside which cast a flickering glow, and so when it was dark on the park path it was so beautiful to see all the flickering red balloons. We adorned Bandit's collar with some mini light sticks I had picked up at a party store beforehand, and he also had a few of the button lights attached to his collar and leash.

M's favorite part of the walk was the free clam chowder from Duke's!

Our team raised $400! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Unfortunately, the pictures I took with my camera turned out all blurry and wavy, but channel 13 ran a news story last night and you can definitely see Uncle Ray, Aunt C, K, E, and M (I think I was off getting freebie lights). If you missed the video or live well out of the area, you can watch the video below. You can see the family members toward the end of the video when Bill Wixey is talking to the walk coordinator with the short dark hair. Starting at that part of the segment, Uncle Ray and E are to the left of the screen, and then the rest of the family is directly behind Bill Wixey as he speaks alone.

If you want to read Bill Wixey's blog about his battle with Hodgkin's lymphoma, you can do so HERE. Some very good news is that it sounds like his cancer is in remission after some extensive chemotherapy and radiation.


Bandit had a great time and kept up a great pace. Here's a picture of him drinking one of four cups of water after the race (I use a little collapsible measuring cup for his water dish when we go to the parks).

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