Sep 10, 2009

Simba's Going to Miss His Buddy

There's never a dull moment in the house with Bandit and Simba, particularly when the two get together and play. And in recent weeks they've been spending more time together playing and sparring. Simba is so happy to have Bandit for a friend that he's gained weight (needed) and the hair on his back legs is growing in. He spends a lot of time watching Bandit and instigating playtime with Bandit. Simba is no pushover or wimp. He takes a lot from Bandit and he loves it. Poor Simba always wanted Chloe to be a close friend but she just wouldn't have it. It's fun to see Simba so happy.

If Simba truly thinks Bandit is out of line or getting too rough, he'll make a beeline for K's and my closet, the top of our dresser, or the top of his new kitty condo. Running and hiding under the bed is no longer a good place for Simba to retreat to as Bandit can wriggle under there himself. And Bandit's not getting hurt either because Simba doesn't do mean biting and has no front claws.

We got Simba the kitty condo shortly after we got back from vacation since Bandit now has full run of the house and Simba needed somewhere safe for his food dish and out of Bandit's reach. Bandit's definitely not a ravenous dog like Brandy (our Lab) used to be, but he definitely finds Simba's food palatable.

It's safe to say that by this evening, Simba's probably going to be vocal with us about the fact that Bandit's not in the house.

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Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

That is so cute how they play! It cracked me up to hear BB11 in the background!!