Sep 10, 2009

Pacific City, Oregon

There are still a few vacation pictures that haven't been posted. This picture is from Pacific City, which is a little coastal town about 15-20 minutes away from Lincoln City. We definitely know now that there's absolutely no need to drive all the way south to Florence to experience Oregon dunes. Pacific City has some lovely dunes. If someone wants to ride dune buggies and see a huge expanse of dunes, Florence is definitely the way to go. But to experience the beauty and tranquility of real dunes, Pacific City has them. I wish we had discovered this place years ago when the boys were small.

This video was taken at this huge dune not near the peaceful dunes.

These photos were taken at Bob Straub State Park, which is the perfect place for a peaceful dunes experience

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Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

That is a great picture of the THREE guys!!!