Sep 4, 2009

An Australian Among Finns

Bandit went to his first family crayfish party. It was held at Aunt C's house in Bellevue. We celebrated Papa's August 31 birthday and the fact that Farmor and Farfar are leaving September 15 for a month in Finland and Sweden. All the family was there except for Uncle F who is in Carmel, California for a wallpapering job, though Aunt C said he has called and has come down with a severe flu (of the swine variety maybe?). Bandit was kind of wound up during the visit because he really needs those good solid naps, so during dinner Mama had to put his leash on him and then step on the leash so he could only lay down or sit. He loved all the attention, and enjoyed his first crayfish party snappsang (Helan gar).

Aunt C wants a puppy of her own now
Aunt C, Farmor, and Farfar admire our well-behaved (ahem!) Bandit Bandit wanted Farmar and Farfar to share their crayfish

Bandit listens to Farfar and the family sing Helan Gar


Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

OH.....I am so jealous!!! I always enjoyed those parties so much!! We tell people about them to this day. Glad you had so much fun and that Bandit fit right in!!

Bandit's Pack said...

You posted a picture! Cool! I just changed how comments are handled. I can check them in a separate box now. I'm not sure anything has changed from your end.