Sep 3, 2009

Bandit Takes a Walk Around Green Lake

It started out as a cloudy, sprinkly day. I decided to take Bandit into Seattle anyway to take a walk around Green Lake. As it turned out, the sun came out and it was a gorgeous day for a walk - not too warm and definitely not cold enough that one had to wear a sweatshirt. Green Lake was swarming with people. There were lots of dogs, strollers, senior citizens, and hard-core jogger types. Everyone is kind of no nonsense, just getting on with their exercise, so there was no one stopping to ask about Bandit (except for inside the women's restroom when we were approached by a young mom with a baby in a carrier who said they have a mini Aussie at home, a breed she described as "perfect for condo living"). It was kind of nice for us to just get moving and walk without interruption. I took a few moments here and there for photo opportunities, and I hand fed Bandit water from a water fountain.

We also saw a local TV personality! My first attempt at parking took me into an area where parking wasn't allowed. Walking right in front of me was Joyce Taylor, newscaster from KING 5 TV. She's just as pretty in person, and her skin looks just as flawless. She was with her young daughter who appeared to have been picked up from indoor swimming. The last time I saw someone "famous" was Dino Rossi shortly after he lost the race for governor; I saw him at a Burgermaster of all places.

Green Lake seems a great place to take Bandit to get him used to having all sorts of people around doing their own thing, and for him to concentrate on staying in his own space.

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