Jul 24, 2009

Preparing for a Heat Wave

The forecast is for our area to reach temperatures in the 90s and 100s this weekend and next week. I thought it might be nice for Bandit to have a pool to cool himself off. He tends to like sitting in shade as opposed to sun, and at night if it's hot upstairs, he's often panting away. One evening was really hot and I took a small towel, ran it under water, wrung it out, and then laid it on our bed. He laid on top of it for the rest of the night and slept soundly. I called around to all kinds of stores today to see if anyone had any plastic kiddie pools. Everyone was sold out!! I even placed an ad on Craiglist in the "wanted" section. When K went to Petco to get the new doggy gate, they had pools there for $8! (K said there were only two pools left so he got there in the nick of time!) We have found that so far Bandit likes to get in and kind of bat around at the water, get all four feet wet, and then get out and roll around on the grass to get his body wet. It's hot today but nothing like it's supposed to get, so today could be the calm before the heat storm.

It's impossible to see from the pictures, but the bottom of the pool has different-sized dog bones

Wet puppy!

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