Jul 24, 2009

Get Ready For Live-Action Bandit!!

We splurged and got an inexpensive camcorder, mainly in anticipation of our upcoming vacation to Lincoln City. I'm working on getting used to it (Sony MHS-CM1, "Webbie"). I've yet to discover how to transfer video from the camcorder to my computer, so it could be a while before anything gets posted in video format.

We'll also be videoing antics of the boys from time to time, too.

It's a tiny little thing about 4" x 2".
This is only a test. If you're watching and find it annoying that the music is playing at the same time as you're watching a video, the music can be turned off (go down to the music widget and hit stop, which is the big button with two vertical lines). The quality of the video is degraded a bit when viewing it in this format, but it looks great when viewing straight on our computer. I will have to work on deleting unneccessary footage (or extreme shakiness as I'm learning).

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