Jul 27, 2009

Keepin' Cool

We are experiencing some seriously hot weather in our area. Our outdoor thermometer registered 95-degrees later this afternoon. At Grandma's house, she and Molly are experiencing 99-degree heat!

Picture sent from Grandma - whew!!

If we thought last night was bad, tonight's expected to be even worse. Last night was so hot that Bandit was really uncomfortable, so I brought him downstairs. We even slept outside until 1 a.m. I was on the hammock, and Bandit slept on his Toy Story blanket below me. Hammock sleeping wasn't super comfortable so we both went inside, downstairs for the rest of the night.

I took Bandit for his morning walk at 7:30 a.m., and by the time we got home 25 minutes later it was quite hot. We may have to begin our walk a bit earlier tomorrow.

Bandit loves it if we soak a towel under cold running water, wring it out, and lay it on the floor for him to lay on.

He loves to have his entire face and ears rubbed down with the damp towel, and all four legs and belly. He even will sit for a bit with the towel over the top of him.

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