Aug 1, 2009

Handy Gadget

It's been so hot the last several days that none of us, including Bandit, is doing much except sitting around trying to stay cool.

Yesterday, during puppy class, the instructor told me I needed to get a thinner leash for Bandit. Not only was the leash too wide, but the clip attachment was way too big and could whack Bandit across the face on walks. So, I made another trip to Petco to get a new leash and some goodies. While there I took note of this cool gadget. You attach it to your standard water bottle and, voila!, the water bottle becomes a drinking vessel for your pet. It fits most standard water bottles, particularly since there's a short-neck adapter included making it usable for even more water bottles. I had to get one. Bandit gets his fourth set of shots this coming Tuesday, so we'll be able to take him on hikes at the local parks very soon. This gadget will be much handier than having to tote along a drinking bowl. It'll also come in handy on vacation if Bandit needs some refreshment while the car is in motion.

You can check this gadget's website here.

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