Jul 24, 2009

Puppy Kindergarten Was Positive Today!

Instead of having the class at the regular facility, the instructors held class at their farm out in Woodinville. The focus today was name recognition and "come." Bandit did an excellent job! We practiced out in a big field with our puppies on very long leashes provided by the instructors. We had to call our dog by name and then repeat "come" over and over until they came to our side, and then we offered them a treat at our hip rather than with an outstretched arm. Once all the class business was over, the puppies got some free time to run and play. Bandit enjoyed running in the big field. At one point he and his brother, Brady, were "herding" another puppy. It was pretty funny to watch. They definitely have that Aussie instinct. Once it was time to round the puppies up for leashing up, I called Bandit and he came to me immediately at a running pace. M came with to class today and helped out by holding my keys and a poop bag in case Bandit had to heed nature's call (which he did). Bandit barked a little bit but it was minor compared to last week. I never had to break out the can with coins. Next week class will be held at the regular facility, so I'll be prepared again next week if he breaks out in barking.

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