Jul 29, 2010

Running Free!

I was dismissed from jury duty so I came home and took Bandit to the off-leash dog park within Marymoor Park.  I tried to get him to swim a little or at least get his toes wet but he wasn't interested.  A lady at the park told me that if I bring him enough times and he's hot enough, he'll get in.

Bandit's not one to succumb to peer pressure
"This is the life!"
"Hey everybody, look at me!"
"I'm running free!"


Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

What a happy, happy dog!! Excellent pictures N!!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

GREAT pikhs!!!


K9friend said...

Handsome boy! I bet he'll dive in before too much longer!


Priscilla said...

Wow! I just have to say, love those profile running shots of Bandit! they're beautiful! The offleash dog park sounds like so much fun!

Charlie said...

I tried to get Charlie to follow his best buddy Beau in and when that didn't work I walked in... once both his favorites were in the water that little herding mind gave him no choice!!

RYKER said...

Yep, once I went in and a bunch of dogs at the park that did it for Ryker as well.

Shopgirl said...

Nothing like a little freedom to make a puppy happy...I love his face on the header...I know that look well. LB had to go to the vest Tusday...He was in a lot of pain, somehow he had hurt his fron paw. After letting the vet know how unhappy he was to be there, they X-rayed and thank goodness nothing was broken. They found a red spot on the bottom of his paw, it could have been a bee sting, he got meds and now seems to be fine.

He is doing well without his Matti, it has been a large change for us all. She was a alfa and was the boss in all things. LB is learning that he can do things his way now...Love all your posts, Mary

George the Lad said...

Those are some great shots, how do you take them that low with him still running towards you?
George does not like water, I'm quite pleased we have a large pond and would'nt want him going in there all the time!

Sharper said...

Bandit is so handsome!

That first pic - "I know you are in the water and I know you like it, but you can't convince me!" lol

I can't wait till Reuben gets the approval from the vet to hit up dog parks. He needs to socialize, big time! There is one nearby that has a doggy shore into a lake. I'm hoping Reuben will see all the fun dogs are having in the water and want to join. But I'm predicting that he'll feel the same way Bandit does. lol

Pat said...

Love the post and the pictures. When we took Lucy and grand dog Dre to the beach, Dre loved the ocean but Lucy didn't want to look at it.

Rachel Lauren Photography said...

These are some wonderful shots of Bandit!