Apr 8, 2010

Blog Troubles??

I heard that someone was having difficulty accessing the blog. I noticed that the Smilebox may have caused the entire posting of yesterday to be encased in a white box. I deleted the Smilebox and got rid of the box. I hope things are better now.


Emma Rose said...

Looks ok from here!

Priscilla said...

Hey Bandit
Just to say, I love your new header picture collage, especially the alien one, and the one in the cloud bubbles?
Also, your mom is extremely beautiful, and what a beautiful litter of pups, all different colors eh? I heard that it's quite hard to breed blue merle pups, and well, you got quite a few there!

Bandit's Pack said...

Priscilla: Actually, Bandit was "Shrek" for Halloween in that picture. It looked so much more like Shrek on the dog modeling the outfit on the website I purchased it from. ☺

K9friend said...

It works now! Happy birthday, Bandit!!!!