Apr 21, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

This was not knocked off the kitchen counter and sampled by any humans in the house, or our orange kitty!


Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

That is too funny!!!

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

hahahaha!! THANKGOODNESS Ace cannot jump up yet...haha He watches me while I cook though, he knows there are delicious morsels on the counter...I am watching him...haha!!

Emma Rose said...

Bread is better than dog treats any day. Sir Bear eats a whole loaf at a time when he can get away with it. Sometimes he even eats most of the wrapper!

Way to go Bandit :)

Emma Rose

Priscilla said...

Yum yum yum.

Btw, Eva's adult hair is growing now, and her baby hair is disappearing! She's getting fluffy in weird places now!!!

K9friend said...

Yummies for somebody's tummy!


Scout 'n Freyja said...

What - no butter and honey☺

Shopgirl said...

Someone had a really good treat. Our LB had a half a cube of butter the other night. He can reach our kitchen table, and if you leave anything close to the edge, well it becomes a really good treat for LB. I thought it might make him a little sick, it did not.
Looking forward to day day in the garden...Hugs Mary and the gang!