Mar 29, 2010

Inky Dinky Doo

This weekend K and I found bits of a chewed up ink pen on our bedroom floor.  Bandit's going through another phase.  This is about the fourth pen he's gotten a hold of in the last week.  Needless to say, we're now keeping pens out of his reach.  Yesterday evening, as I was brushing Bandit's teeth, I noticed some ink on his one leg and a little on his face and collar hair.  I was able to clean the leg ink up no problem.  The other spots seemed quite stubborn.  I figured what the heck because he had a grooming appointment scheduled for today.  After all, he needs to get spiffed up for his birthday which is upcoming.  It was his first grooming ever and he went to Pimba's Parlor which is right in the neighborhood.  Bev has a shed in her backyard which has been converted into a dog grooming parlor.  Bev has 20+ years of experience in dog grooming, and she knows Aussies since she has one herself, Pimba. 

After I dropped Bandit off at Bev's for his grooming I went straight back home as I needed to get to work.  The phone rang shortly thereafter.  It was Bev asking if I knew that Bandit had ink on his face. ☺ She wasn't sure she'd be able to get it out.

When I went to pick up Bandit he was wearing a pretty new blue bandana and smelled fresh and clean.  And he's still got that blue ink on his face and collar.  He obviously has self-decorated for his birthday!  We wonder how long that ink is going to stick around.


Emma Rose said...

Well, we think he looks dashing in blue! Thank goodness it wasn't a red pen! Boys should wear blue, not pink :)

Emma Rose

Priscilla said...

I agree with Emma Rose.
The blue ink also suits his blue bandana!

K9friend said...

Uh-oh! Next thing you know he'll be getting a tattoo!

RYKER said...

Yup, Blue is your color! Boy, I am getting excited about our Birthday coming up!!! Wonder what mom is gonna get me.

Reena said...

My two chew EVERYTHING up....if it is on the floor, it is fair game. Hope the ink comes out soon.