Feb 13, 2010

♥Valentine's Day Dash 5K♥

It’s called the Valentines’s Day Dash but it was held today, the 13th, at Green Lake. It was very mild temperature-wise, but it drizzled pretty much the entire time. As there was a huge turnout of people we had a heck of a time trying to find parking. We ended up parking about a quarter mile from the starting line, or what we thought was going to be the starting line. We’ve done a couple of 5Ks at Green Lake before and the starting point is always in the same spot. Not today. Today, we found out that the starting point was at the boat docking area, a good mile away from where we were. So off we started for a hike just to get to the proper starting point. We completed the entire 5K, and since the finish line was at the same area as the starting point, we had to walk another mile and a quarter back to get to the car! Needless to say, we walked a minimum of five miles (far more than 5K!) so we're all pooped!  K and I each got a cool long-sleeved black T-shirt for participating.

Halfway through the walk with Papa

Bandit probably could have gone another couple of miles, no problem. 
Meeting another Aussie (standard in size) out for some exercise
K's and my numbers.  We both clocked in at 53:58 (we're walkers, not runners)
We know Bandit's happy to be home when he rolls around on the floor and is quite vocal.  He was big-time happy to be home after our long morning trek.
A little refreshment before taking a much-deserved nap


Life With Dogs said...

I bet you'll be sleeping well tonight! But a day well spent...

Shopgirl said...

This was the best, what a wonderful day for you and Bandit...I would be lying down for a nap myself.
I Heart you all, Mary
Olympic's call!

Emma Rose said...

That looks like a fun thing to do! What a wonderful thing to share with your family.

Emma Rose

P.S. That big Aussie looked just like you!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a great time was had by all...especially Bandit! Happy Valentines Day to all!!! Enjoy!

K9friend said...

How fun! Dogs love to participate in walking/running events. I'm sure all of you had a great time!

RYKER said...

Great fun and Photos! Don't you just love it when you seen another Aussie?
We both get so excited!
Your Bro Ryker!