Feb 27, 2010

This and That

It's been a busy week so I haven't done much updating. 

Bandit continued to lick the cut on his arm so it was in a perpetual state of rawness.  K took him to the vet on Wednesday to be fitted for a cone.  We no longer have the one he got when he was neutered, plus even if we did have it, it would have been too small.  He seems okay with having the cone on, but we take it off periodically to give him a good head and neck scratching.  And walks are nice because he doesn't have to wear it on those.

I took him for a walk today at St. Edward's Park but it was a muddy mucky walk, with Bandit wanting to go a little faster than I could manage since I was trying to keep my footing and not fall in the mud.  We met a German Shepherd who had cut his dewclaw and had stitches, and his mom had fashioned a waterproof "boot" for him to wear (so as to never have to wear the dreaded cone).  Bandit's cut is too far up on his leg to do anything fancy like that, plus he seems pretty insistent about not wearing anything on his leg.

Here's Bandit watching the Olympics with M (pre-cone).  The USA vs. Finland hockey game yesterday didn't turn out as K had hoped (it was quite the blowout), but they are in contention for a bronze medal this evening.  At least now we can root for USA and Finland in separate games!  The gold-medal game of USA vs. Canada tomorrow ought to be an exciting one!

Oh, and M got his driver's permit today!  He starts driver's ed classes next weekend!  Bandit hopes M is the driver when we go to McDonalds on his first birthday for a plain burger (something Grandpa used to do for Molly on special occasions).
K in his official 2010 Finnish Olympic hockey jersey (sometimes they wear this one, sometimes a white one)
That's all for now.  I have to write two big papers ... ugh.


Priscilla said...

Poor Bandit. Hope his leg gets better with the cone on!

Pat said...

Poor Baby...He looks so sad. Lucy had to wear a cone when she had her first eye surgery and it needed to be on all the time so she wouldn't rub her face on anything and tear the stitches. Hope Bandit is now on the mend.

RYKER said...

Oh no Bro...no the cone of shame and degradation again!!! Come run away with me and we can become Alaskan Sled Dogs!!!
Just kidding, I'm pretty sure we got it better than they do. Hope your leg heals fast :)
You lovin' brother,

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

The old cone trick...but, believe it or not, my Carrie shelties loves hers. I had to put it out of sight after she healed so she wouldn't keep insisting on wearing it. No kidding!!!

Also...wanted to say thanks so much for your recent visit! (Be sure to come and visit me again today as I'm celebrating my 500th post and having a VINTAGE BOOK GIVEAWAY!!!)

Have a great day! Coralie

Shopgirl said...

Don't be sad Bandit, it could be a fashion statement???He does look sad...Big Hugs, Mary and the gang!

K9friend said...

Those collars are miserable. Hopefully he won't have to wear it long. Good luck on your papers!

Reena said...

I hope his leg is doing better. They look so sad in those cones :( Bluebelle ruined two of them when she was spayed!

Ripley said...

Yuck! The humans who invented those cones was downright cruel.... I hope you're leg is healed by now and you've been able to put the trauma behind you!