Feb 23, 2010

Don't Go!

I'm still in the midst of having to visit some medical facilities as part of my schooling.  Bandit's getting wise to when everyone in the household has something to do and he ends up in the crate.  This morning, he had been outside once already and had breakfast, so right before I left (around 8 a.m.) I let him out again.  He saw that this time I had different clothes on.  When I went to let him back into the house this is the posture he took, with both ears pinned back tight against his head.  He knows he's going in the crate, poor guy.  I ended up having to pick him up and usher him into the house. 


RYKER said...

Oh Bro, you gotta Man Up! My mom throws a treat out the window of her car just before she pulls away. Does yours do that? But then I shoot in and out through the cat door and we have an electronic fence now so I know my boundaries.
Sorry about the crate. My dad works from home so I almost never use the crate anymore.

Priscilla said...

O poor bandit!!!

K9friend said...

Poor little Bandit.

Indy associates "crate up" with "treat". He can't wait to leap inside and chow down. Of course, he's older, and generally spends his days napping anyway.

Ripley said...

Are you up for some type of organized resistance? We can't really do "sit ins" because we'd all be stuck in crates.... But, we're smart herding dogs.... surely we can figure out some subversive way to make our humans feel guilty about putting us in crates... then, the next step will be convincing our humans to stay home and keep us entertained and busy all day. Will you support the cause, comrade?

Shopgirl said...

Bandit is a smart Boy...LB knows I am leaving if I put my shoes on. He hates for us to leave, he makes us feel so bad. We try to tell him in our own way that we will be back, but he puts his little head down and looks up with those big brown eyes, it is awful!!!
Have a great weekend, Mary