Jan 14, 2010

How Cool Is This!

My older brother obviously reads my blog (cool!).  When K brought the mail in today he waved a manila envelope and said, "You've got something from your brother."  Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found his childhood copy of "Champion Dog Prince Tom" inside.  Yes, it is the copy I wrote about two days ago (see post below dated Jan. 12).  Of course I called my brother after opening this surprise.  Apparently, it had been sitting on a shelf in his basement and he knew right where it was.  It's in amazing condition.  The story was written in 1958, but we figure my brother got this in 1966 (in its fifth printing).  He remembers it as being the first book he purchased on his own as a third or fourth grader, and it was through a classroom book order.  I'm definitely going to read it (or should I say re-read it).  Thanks, Ray!

Actually I had no idea he still had it.  It was quite a surprise to receive in the mail.

The exact book I read and re-read many times as a kid.  Great condition for a paperback which is 40+ years old!

A couple of pages from the book, with the photo on the right of the actual Prince Tom with some of his trophies
"Will you read it to me?"


Emma Rose said...

Hi Bandit!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love to make new friends. Especially frieds in the Pacific Northwest. We could be neightbors!
You sure are adorable. You have the same coloring as Mister Higgins. He is the puppy in our house :)

Emma ROse

Priscilla said...

what a surprise that your brother gave you. He's really sweet, isn't he? Love the picture of Bandit and the book too.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a GREAT gift to receive in the mail! And your photo of Bandit with the book is absolutely angelic! Love this! Hugs, Coralie

An English Shepherd said...

Now that is very cool :-)