Jan 15, 2010

Distinguishing Features

One of Bandit's most distinguishing features is the white blaze on the back of his neck.  When he was born and for quite a while this white swatch was in the shape of a definite T.Because of this feature the breeders named him Tetley as Tetley Tea is the favorite tea brand of breeder Dean.  Also, when I get around to sending in Bandit's paperwork to NAMASCUSA (note to self:  remember to do this!), his official name will be "Makana's Suited to a T Bandit."  However, now that his hair seems to be growing like wildfire, what originally looked like a T now is definitely a long narrow blaze.  It still looks like a T in this picture I took just a couple of days ago, but when I brush him it definitely falls into a long narrow blaze.  As his hair continues to grow in length, I'm sure it'll continue to lengthen and narrow in diameter.  I'll try to take a picture this weekend shortly after I comb this area and add it to this posting.  Also, some of the hair behind his ears has always appeared to be a little crimped.  That hair is getting longer as well and continuing to look crimped in sections.  The hair in that area is too dark to get a good picture of the crimpage and have it show up well.

Bandit has another feature which we think is really cute.  Maybe this is common in dogs so forgive us if we're all excited about something which isn't really that unique.  It's unique to us.  Bandit's muzzle has black and white whiskers springing forth.  When looking at this photo, specifically the left side of his muzzle (but technically his right side) you can see a lone white whisker above his nose.  This photo might be a little deceiving but it's well away from the rest of his muzzle whiskers.  It's very long and juts straight up; we think it's a really sweet feature on his sweet face.

Here's a picture of "Prince Hairy" (and I hope my British readers take no offense to that nickname) to get a good idea of the hair sprouting from his undercarriage (not sure of the specific terminology for this area as it encompasses more than just his belly).  Take specific note of the feathery arms!


Emma Rose said...

He is adorable!
I am 1/2 Aussie and it looks like Bandit will have a long fluffy coat like me! Lot's of places to carry bits of grass and twigs :)

Emma Rose

K9friend said...

Just getting cuter all the time! I especially like the last picture...paws up and workin' on the chew toy!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I love the old "laying on the back" trick that's so darn cute! My 12 year old Carrie does it to get our attention! Love all the pictures of Bandit, back blaze, black and white whiskers, everything! Such a beauty!

Jamie said...

Hi Nancy!

Zuma is wondering if she can borrow some of Bandit's coat? =) Actually -- Rufio has grown a nice coat in, too. The longer hair on the front legs is referred to as "feathers" and his long hair on his back legs are his "britches". Gracie also has the finer "crimped" hair behind the ears. It rarely mats, but that may because Dean brushes all of the dogs (and cats) often. =)
Give Bandit a kiss from us!

Anonymous said...

He is just so cute!