Jan 2, 2010

Bandit's New Toy Basket

My one brother and his family gave our family a very nice holiday basket full of goodies for everyone, including some dog treats for Bandit.  Now that most of the goodies have been eaten and enjoyed, I put what's still left in the cupboards for future snacking.  That left us with a lovely basket which is the perfect size for holding all of Bandit's toys and chewies.  It looks so much nicer than the cardboard box we had been using.  One of Bandit's favorite games is when I clean up the downstairs and put away all his things.  I put things in his box (now basket) and he takes them out; this can go on for a long time if I let it.  This makes things difficult for vacuuming, so when vacuuming is necessary I have to get serious.   If I bring the vacuum downstairs, the game is over for Bandit.  He runs upstairs since he doesn't care to be around the vacuum monster.  When I'm done vacuuming I tell Bandit he can go back downstairs.  He seems to understand and immediately runs downstairs to his basket.  His toys and things are all over the floor in no time.  I'm used to messy boys.  Bandit's no different than T and M.


Shopgirl said...

Happy New Year! He knows they are his...LB likes to put them places and hates when we move them. He looks at you like....you did a bad thing!
All the best, Mary

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

Nice basket Bandit. you need to get it filled up more!
your pal, Morgan

K9friend said...

Tee-hee! Now you just need to teach him to put his toys away in the basket. I'll bet he can learn to do it, too!