Nov 24, 2009

Upcoming Thanksgiving Fun at Bow Wow Fun Towne

Less than ten minutes from our home is a doggie daycare that has gotten some rave reviews. We have driven by it oodles of times and always laughed about the funny name and speculating about what exactly this doggie daycare was all about. I decided to check out Bow Wow Fun Towne a couple of weeks ago to find out exactly what it was all about. After discovering that it's a fun place for dogs to socialize, learn pack manners, play, have fun, be well cared for (and all at a reasonable price), I decided to get the ball rolling in order to get Bandit signed up for participation. I had to take a short tour of the facility, fill out paperwork, take Bandit in for a temperament test, have Bandit's vet fill out a health form, and take in a stool sample for testing before he could be admitted. He also needs to be on a regular flea prevention program (which he is). I did everything from our end, and Bandit passed all his testing with flying colors. Since he will be alone in his crate for most of Thanksgiving evening, we're going to take him in Thanksgiving morning for his first playtime.

Bow Wow Fun Towne has indoor and outdoor play areas, and while the flooring might look like cement it's actually a substance that has some give so it's easier on dog bones and joints. They also have a webcam that focuses on one of the main play areas, so it'll be fun to take a peak at Bandit while he's away from home and having fun.

He's going to love it, and it'll be fun for him to have playtime with a bunch of other dogs under close supervision.

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