Nov 24, 2009

Teaching Bandit "Scoot-Scoot"

Very recently we've started working with Bandit on learning the command "scoot-scoot." This might not be something taught in obedience classes, but it's a command our family has used in the past with much success. When Brandy would follow us into the kitchen and there just wasn't room, or it was dangerous to have a dog underfoot, we subconsciously taught her to leave the kitchen by saying scoot-scoot. It's much nicer than saying, "get out of here" or having to resort to an angry voice. Scoot-scoot is said in a fast clip and a happy upbeat tone. As smart as he is, Bandit's sure to pick up on this command quickly. It really is for his safety as much as anything. He tends to want to lay in front of the oven and the kitchen sink, the two places where it's most problematic to have him laying, and of course he only parks himself in the kitchen only when we're in there.


"Can't you just step around me?"

"Whaddya mean, scoot-scoot"

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