Nov 16, 2009

Sorry No Updates of Late

I've had a higher than normal amount of work come through, and my school assignments have been a bit more difficult to work through.

Bandit's doing great. K and I rearranged our bedroom slightly (moved the bed), and Bandit seems to love this new change. He wants to stay on the bed even when no one is in the bedroom to keep an eye on him, so he has to be picked up and taken out, with the door closed behind.

He may be teething again. He's shredded the corduroy off a Kong Wubba, and he's got no less than eight chew sticks going right now (it helps to have them all over the house so he always has something "appropriate" to chew).

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Shopgirl said...

Thank you for coming by, I do love some of the old songs, I really love most music. The angels are funny and fun..glad you liked them.
Hello Bandit!
Hugs, Mary and the gang!