Nov 24, 2009

Bandit Outdoors

Even thought we're all spending more time indoors of late and the sun goes down much, much earlier since turning back the clocks, Bandit's still a boy that likes to play outdoors. Even in the pouring rain, he will often ask to go outdoors, chewie in mouth, and plop himself belly-down in the middle of the yard and chew away, oblivious to the rain pummeling down on him. Thank goodness he's still surprisingly easy to dry off. He still gets a walk most days unless it's absolutely a mess (rain-wise) outside. The last time I took him for a walk in drenching conditions, halfway through the walk my glasses were impossible to see through. Wiping them off with the Kleenex in my pocket did no good whatsoever. Bandit pretty much became my seeing-eye dog at that point. We did make it home. I think I need a pair of glasses with little windshield wipers.

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