Oct 20, 2009

Playtime in the Wet Grass

As we were getting into the homestretch of a walk today, we passed by Haole's house. We were invited to come in the yard so Bandit and Haole could have a little playtime. Bandit was really wound up but they settled into having some fun, and both of them got very soggy rolling around in the wet grass. Haole's gotten a little bit bigger since we last saw her during our garage sale. She has a really sweet disposition and is incredibly playful.


Shopgirl said...

This is so cute....it looks like she is sticking her tongue out...LB loves play dates with Buddy and Sunny.
Hugs, Mary

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Playtime wif furends is always so much fun! Haole must have a furry goods momma to make sure that she had play dates wif other doggies.

Bandit's Pack said...

It does look like she's sticking her tongue out at him. And he doesn't appear to be too happy about it by the look on his face. ☺