Oct 24, 2009


I picked up a PediPaws several years ago when they were being advertised constantly on television (but I got mine at Walgreen's) during the holidays. At the time I thought it would be an easy way to take care of Chloe and Simba's back toenails (they were both declawed as tiny kittens). The PediPaws seemed almost impossible to use when I first picked it up and tried it on the kitties. Kitty toenails are so tiny and delicate. I went back to using the regular teeny toenail cutters I had been using prior, and still use on Simba, as they never cause any problems whatsoever.

Bandit absolutely detests getting his nails trimmed, and twice I cut a little too close so I get nervous as well trying to trim. And now that he's bigger it's much harder for me to hold him by myself to get the job done.

Since those PediPaws have just been sitting on the "pet shelf" in our teensy pantry, I decided to give them another try the last time I did Bandit's nails. The PediPaws seemed to be much easier to use on bigger dog nails. I brought them out again today since I could hear it was time for another trim. Bandit squirmed and flailed briefly but then resigned himself to the fact. He did pant and shake throughout the trimming so it's still not without some stress on his part. But at least there's no blood, no pain, and no sharp-edged nails. Now I need to pick up some replacement files; I think I can get them at Walgreen's, or possibly Target (where Mr. T just got himself a job!).

On a side note: When Bandit first came home with us he had white toenails. I was so happy to have a dog with toenails where the "quick" could be seen. However, I didn't realize that with maturity comes darkening of the toenails. He only has two or three white ones now, all the rest are black.

How Bandit felt about toenail trimming before PediPaws

How Bandit feels now about toenail trimming

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Shopgirl said...

I have been thinking about buying one for my little friends. I am not worried about Baxter, he is really a good boy about the furniture (boy cat) I am not sure if LB will go for it, Mattie Anne will be hard, I will think about it.
Bandit looks like he would rather not!!!! Happy Fall, Mary