Oct 23, 2009

I Didn't Have Time For This!!

Bandit really did a number this morning. When I was finished showering and getting dressed for the day, I looked around for my glasses. I thought I had left them on the bathroom counter, but they weren't there. Maybe I had left them on the bedroom dresser, but they weren't there either. I knew right then that this was not going to end well. I immediately looked under our bed, and sure enough my glasses were there. Mind you, I didn't leave them there. Bandit had gotten hold of them. One end was chewed on, and one end was chewed off. The frames were completely bent, and one lens was practically coming out of the lens frame.

I didn't even take that long of a shower. I thought my glasses were complete goners.

This was definitely not a good start to the day. K and I are planning to see the eye doctor sometime in November or early December. K has gotten to a point in life where he needs his first pair of glasses. We have been waiting for November because that's the month his medical insurance has open enrollment for adding options, and we're going to add eye coverage. But this emergency could not wait. I need my glasses now.

I took my unwearable glasses to Lenscrafters in Northgate. Fortunately, I met Angela, a Kathie Lee Gifford look-alike, except Angela is in her early twenties and doesn't have an annoying personality. Angela was able to "save" my existing glasses enough so that I'll be able to use them until K and I make our upcoming eye appointments, where we'll get new prescriptions for new glasses. I told Angela that if she could fix my glasses, K and I will come to her when we need to be fitted with new frames. And we will. She really saved the day.

I told Bandit that he would get no walk from me today, but when I got home from Northgate I totally caved.


Shopgirl said...

Oh Dear, do you remember my Dog's tail about Mattie Anne eating my glasses. Bandit just joined the eye glass eating gang...I am so sorry. I think they must smell like you and they love it, but for whatever reason. It was three hundred and fifty dollars chew toy.
Hugs, Mary

Bandit's Pack said...

Mary, I just went back and re-read your Mattie Anne story. You'd think I would have learned my lesson after reading it (and put my glasses well out of reach). Oh, well. Bandit's in good company with Mattie Anne. Hopefully, this will be the worst thing that gets into his clutches. Would love to see pictures of Mattie Anne on your site, but I know you're probably busy painting away. ~N~