Sep 23, 2009

"Honest, I'm Really Not a Bernese"

For every person who knows Bandit is an Australian Shepherd, there's another person who thinks he's a Bernese Mountain Dog. Apparently, Bandit's colorings are exactly like a Bernese, and those who think he's a Bernese think that Aussies only come in the merle coloring.

I just did a little Googling of the Bernese Mountain Dog:

Although Berneses are pretty cool in their own right, they end up weighing around 100 pounds when fully grown! That would be too much dog for us. Bandit won't top 35 pounds when fully grown, and it's likely he won't even hit that mark.

A puppy Bernese (definite coloring similarities to a tri-colored Aussie)

An adult Bernese (definite "big dog" features)

Good things come in small packages!

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