Sep 24, 2009

Heritage Park in Kirkland

I had actually wanted to bring Bandit here yesterday for some "first of fall" pictures but I was super busy with work, so we went there today. I'd never been there before. They have a paved trail that goes all around the perimeter of the park, and while walking there are nice views of Lake Washington with Seattle in the distance, and the "West of Market" homes that have lots of vintage character.

Actually, I have been here before. These are the grounds where the old school stood where I received my "vocational" training, and the building my classes were held in was part of what was known as the old Lake Washington Voc. Tech. That building was leveled long ago, and Heritage Park surrounds that very area.

Bandit was a little camera "moody" today. Anytime I tried to get his attention in order to have him look into the camera, he refused to cooperate. We also practiced some of his obedience skills. He did super with "wait" and "sit", but his "down" was a little rough and rusty. I can have him sit, throw a treat out in front of him, and he won't retrieve the treat until I give him the command "okay." I'm also working on getting him to go from the down position into the sit position. That's going okay. I'm noticing that Bandit responds quite well to hand signals, so we're using those more and more rather than just giving him verbal commands.


Shopgirl said...

Your pictures are so good and cute.
What a wonderful idea you have to blog about your little friend. I will be back...Mary

Bandit's Pack said...

Thanks, Mary. Feel free to pop in for a visit any time. :)