Aug 31, 2009

Playing in the Yard

When we weren't on the beach, Bandit had lots of fun just hanging out in the backyard playing. We took several of his toys with him. He also loved chewing on a large piece of driftwood someone had put in the yard. He loved sitting in the sliver of fence shade with the overhanging ivy draped all around him. He also took naps in the cushy soft moss that grows right beside the front steps going into the house. He loved it if T or M or both boys together played games with him, with Bandit's favorite game being "Catch Me If You Can."

Shade sitting in the ivy

Contemplating his next move (notice the ear)

Attention from M

Having fun with his dumbbell toy (the big piece of driftwood he enjoyed teething on is to his right)

Relaxing on the bed of soft moss

Playing "Catch Me If You Can" with T and Papa


Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

GREAT PICTURES!!!! He is so photogenic. I am so glad he had so much fun at the ocean and was such a good boy.

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures. The dog is so adorable.