Aug 31, 2009

Beach Walks

Bandit had a walk every day, sometimes two a day. We'd always walk him up toward Cascade Head. Invariably, we would pass numerous other walkers, and every other person had a dog or two of their own. Bandit received loads of attention from people with dogs and those without. We worked as hard as possible during these meet and greets to keep Bandit from jumping on people and other dogs. Ninety-percent of the dogs he met were friendly and were willing to visit with a squiggly, wiggly, and sometimes jumpy puppy. Everyone had to ask how old he was, what his name was, and what kind of dog he was if they didn't already know. The majority of dogs he met were well-behaved and not even on leashes. We never once let Bandit off leash because he's just too young right now, and we didn't want to run the risk of him running off and not getting him to come back. Most dogs just wanted to butt sniff and then get on with their own walks. Bandit wanted to sniff, play, and show off, and if he was tired he would bark and jump. He had many, many admirers. Two people even asked K how much we had paid for him, and one guy asked K if we wanted to sell him. K thinks he was joking ...

Though Bandit didn't run into the ocean, whenever he got his toes wet or had to walk through some deeper water, he would then roll in the sand and get himself completely wet and sandy. It's hard to tell from this blog photo, but it shows Bandit soaking wet after rolling in wet sand after getting his toes wet.

A soggy and foggy morning walk at low tide

Sniffing a starfish ("now where's a starfish butt?")

"Put the camera away and let's go explore"

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Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

These beach shots are just beautiful!! That is such a special place. He's such a handsome young pup!! I bet he enjoyed sniffing so many different things.