Aug 15, 2009

Bandit's on Vacation!

We're leaving tomorrow morning for our annual summer trip to the Oregon Coast, and Bandit's going with!

On the way down we'll be stopping off in Vancouver to visit with Jamie, Bandit's breeder, and her husband, Dean. Bandit will get to visit with his mom (Gracie), dad (Joey), and two of his siblings (Zuma and Rufio).

We hope to update the blog at least a couple of times while on vacation, but if we don't have a chance we'll be back in two weeks.

Bandit's looking forward to romping in the back yard and on the beach!


Jamie said...

I think I may be going through Bandit Blog withdrawals!


Bandit's Pack said...

We're back, Jamie. It was really nice stopping at your place and seeing you guys and all the dogs. Bandit had a great time and enjoyed romping with Zuma and Rufio. He slept quite a bit in car afterwards! He grew a lot just in the two weeks we were gone. I love the pictures you posted on the Yahoo site.