Aug 30, 2009

Bandit's Home from Oregon!

Bandit had a great vacation! He was an excellent little traveler, and we had no problems whatsoever in that regard. As he was a bit excited and a bit confused about where he was when we first arrived at the beach house, he promptly squatted (yes, he's still a squatting boy) in front of the television and piddled on the carpet. Fortunately, that was his only accident. Since that first vacation day had been a long one for him -- traveling five-plus hours total in the car, visiting his canine family and breeder and having some active playtime with two siblings, being encouraged to go potty at several unfamiliar rest stops, and then being ushered inside the different new surroundings of the beach house -- we saved Bandit's first beach walk for the next day.

Once he got his paws on the sand, he had a great time! Though he's not a water dog by any means, he definitely loves the sand. He loved jumping in it, digging in it, and finding treasures in it. On one excursion up to Cascade Head, while Mama was searching for agates, Bandit was doing some treasure hunting of his own and found a real spoon! He was racing so fast with it in his mouth that I was afraid he'd jump wrong and that spoon would plunge down his throat. Like all his other treasures, he discarded it after while, which I was thankful for. As we were walking back toward the beach house another agate hunter came over to admire Bandit (one of his many admirers!), and while we were talking about our luck finding agates, I told her that Bandit had found a treasure of his own (the spoon). After we had gone our separate ways, about 20 minutes later we ran into the same agate hunter as she had turned around and was going in our same direction. She said to Bandit, "I found your spoon." Of course, he was excited to see his shiny friend again, so we had to include it in our cachet of ocean treasures we brought home. Plus, it was really sweet of that lady to bring him his spoon back.

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Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

I missed this part of the blog my first time around. The pictures of Bandit on the beach are so handsome. He's a beautiful dog!! Your treasure trove of beach agates and shells is GREAT!!!