Jul 13, 2009

Well Pet Exam

Bandit will be 14 weeks tomorrow. He went in today to visit Dr. Sharma and had a "well pet" checkup and had his third round of immunizations (DHLPP/C and second Bordetella). Bandit weighed 13.5 pounds and passed his exam with flying colors. I told Dr. Sharma that I gave Bandit his Frontline Plus flea treatment but that he still sometimes bites at his back legs, so much so that he often times turns flips in the backyard while biting. Dr. Sharma said his skin and hair looked good. I asked if he might have a bit of a nervous condition, and Dr. Sharma said that's possible, that it's pretty common in young pups. He advised that if we notice him doing it more frequently, we can administer 15 mg of Benadryl. He also said that we can take Bandit for jaunts around the neighborhood after this third round of shots but to keep him away from obvious droppings left by other animals. He also said that parvo is pretty much nonexistent in our area, which is good to know while still be guarded. Bandit behaved very well during the entire checkup! It helped that I had lots of treats to give him, and Dr. Sharma gave him one after the shots. We'll take him back on August 4 for his fourth round of shots (and he'll be fully immunized at that point), and then I'll make an appointment around September 7 for his neutering. Dr. Sharma said five months is an ideal age for having that done.

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