Jul 14, 2009

First Walk!

It was a short one but we took a bit bigger of a loop than just our own block. Bandit has had lots of practice on the leash in the backyard, so he did a great job! He neither pulls ahead nor lags behind unwilling to move. We bypassed a dead (and extremely flat) squirrel laying off to the side of the road at one point. It was a quiet walk with not a lot of action going on, but neighbor Bev did call out from her upstairs window as we walked by her house, "He's doing good!" She had met Bandit once before the first week we had him. After we came home Bandit took a short little nap to recover from his little outing.

1 comment:

DoggyMom said...

That little dog couldn't be cuter if he tried!! I get he loved walking around and sniffing all kinds of new scents!!