Jun 27, 2009

Molly Malone Visits!

We invited Grandma to come over for a BBQ and encouraged her to bring Molly so she could visit with Bandit for the first time. As E was already at Grandma's for an overnighter, E came too! When Molly arrived she was on a leash, as was Bandit. We let them get closer to one another (Molly with her tail wagging and Bandit with his rump wiggling). Then, we let just Bandit off his leash. As that seemed to go well, Molly came off her leash, too. Bandit was a typical puppy - barking, teasing, lunging, being brave and then retreating. Molly, at eight years old, seemed to ignore Bandit's actions for the most part. It was extremely hard to get a picture of them together! When Molly would get attention from the boys, K, or myself, Bandit would get a tad jealous. It was lots of fun watching the two of them interact. The entire time Molly was here Bandit was awake. By the end of the visit he was doing lots of barking (a sure sign he needed a nap). Bandit was quite impressed by Molly's ability to jump from the sidewalk into her crate in the back seat of Grandma's car for the ride home.


Bandit was a good boy and shared his Toy Story blanket with Molly.

If Molly got attention from any one of us, Bandit was sure to intervene.

E tells Bandit and Molly, "You crazy pooches are keeping me from some important saxaphone practice."

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