Jun 17, 2009

Favorite Toys

Bandit has a couple of favorite toys that are his go-to toys for retrieval. The first toy is "Munkie" which is a chipmunk toy I picked up at PetSmart the day after Bandit came home with us. It's soft and easy for him to pick up in his mouth and run around with. The second toy is "Lambie." Lambie was a gift to Bandit from Molly, Grandma's Jack Russell. Bandit is looking forward to visiting Molly in person and getting to know her. Munkie squeaks when squeezed, and Lambie makes a bleating sound. She too is soft and squishy and easy for Bandit to pick up and run around with. Lambie's sound is also sensitive, so when Lambie gets thrown for Bandit, the sound turns on when she hits the ground. Both toys are great for Bandit to work on his retrieval skills, and to expend lots of puppy energy.



Chomping on Munkie

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kleebremer said...

The Lambie is the cutest!!!! I can see why it is a favorite!!