Jun 16, 2009

Bandit is 10 Weeks Old Today!

As you can see in the photos, Bandit sometimes makes it difficult to read the morning newspaper! At 10 weeks old he quickly shifts between being playful, sleepy, quiet, and inquisitive, all the while being a real smarty pants! He does better and better each day with getting used to a leash, sleeping through the night, and general obedience. We're learning more and more about what makes Bandit tick. We've discovered that more often than not, extreme playtime accompanied by puppy bites and barking means Bandit is tired and needs a puppy "time-out" so he can get some much needed rest. Bandit has no problems with car rides, and he loves meeting all the people who are interested in meeting him. Bandit and Simba are still taking their time getting to be friends, but they're continuing to be respectful of one another and very curious about one another. He loves to sometimes just sit by himself in the back yard and listen to all the sounds around him - birds, yard maintenance machines, neighbor children, other dogs barking in the distance, and airplanes flying overhead. He seems to take everything in. He also seems to love the occasional spring zephyr blowing in his face. Bandit's paws seem to be growing at a rapid rate and often look bigger than the rest of his body and head. Bandit has extremely expressive eyes and ears! He loves a rousing game of retrieval and is learning that the command "drop it" means he will get another chance to run and retrieve. His favorite retrieval toys are "Munkie" and "Lambie."

It may be hard to tell from this photo, but Bandit's puppy paws are huge compared to the rest of him.

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kleebremer said...

Love the 10 week update!! I am so excited that he is learning to fetch!! Bella, Dodger and Izzie are mailing him a package today...they are pretty excited about what they found for him.